reimagine florida


 Florida  ranks 42nd in per-student funding, 44th in average teacher salaries,  and 49th for teacher-student ratios. We must provide all children in  Florida with an excellent, well-rounded education to prepare them for  our rapidly changing world. The health of our society, our state, our  nation, and our planet depend on our children, and our children’s  teachers, having the resources and tools necessary to lead us into the  future. Hillsborough County School Board received yet another budget cut  this year of $154 million. With over 200,000 students and 250 schools  to manage, budget cuts are the exact opposite of what this district  needs. Schools are reporting a transportation crisis, air conditioning  failures, overcrowded classrooms, and overworked teachers. If elected,  we will fight to increase the budget and ensure that our children,  teachers, and staff are treated with the respect that they deserve.  

Raise the Wage

Ahmad  will fight to ensure no Floridian working full-time lives in poverty.  With the rising costs of rent, transportation, utilities, and food,  millions of Floridians are struggling to pay their bills. The housing  market crash associated with the Great Recession forced many Floridians  into rental homes after losing their houses to foreclosures. This  development has led to a dramatic increase in rental prices. Increases  to the cost of rent combined with increases to the price of food,  daycare, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals have forced many hard-working  Floridians to live paycheck to paycheck. Upon taking office, Ahmad will  initiate legislative action to raise the minimum wage in our state to  $15 per hour.  

Address Climate Change

Florida  is on the front lines of climate change. Florida sea levels are rising  six times faster than average. It’s estimated that by 2100, there will  be 2 billion climate refugees with several million of them migrating  from Florida. Global warming is an existential threat. We are running  out of time. Governor Rick Scott has unwisely banned the use of the term  ‘climate change’ and has pandered to the energy companies that deny its  existence. Nations and cities around the world are publicly committing  to being fully powered by renewable energy by 2050. Once elected, Ahmad  will work to require all energy companies in our state to begin the  immediate transition to innovative renewable energy solutions like wind,  solar, and hydro power. By doing so, we will literally “save the world”  and create thousands of clean energy jobs for Floridians in the  process. Climate change is real. It’s time to start acting like it.  

Affordable Housing

 There  are over 23,000 people on the affordable housing waiting list in  Hillsborough county. Over 180,000 people (15 percent in Hillsborough  county alone) are living below the poverty line. Low wages and high rent  are causing families to spend up to half their paychecks on housing.  Families are struggling to keep a roof over their head, feed their  families, and provide them with a dignified life. This is absolutely  unacceptable in the wealthiest nation in modern history. If elected, we  will fight to increase the budget for affordable housing and work to  bring the price of rent down in our district. Families deserve to live  in a safe and affordable home.  


Despite the progress made due to the Affordable  Healthcare Act, millions of Floridians still do not have access to  healthcare. Governor Rick Scott unwisely rejected federal funds to  expand Medicaid services to millions of Floridians. This has harmed  seniors, mothers, children, and the poor. If elected, we will fight to  expand Medicaid and improve our healthcare system. We will also put an  end to the dangerous opioids epidemic that is plaguing our people. The  United States spends the most on healthcare, yet ranks 27th out of 35 in  developed nations with healthcare. We need to be more efficient with  our spending and improve the quality of care.  


Transportation  in the state of Florida is in an absolute crisis. The local bus routes  have been reduced yet again due to budget cuts, making transportation  for the low income and poor even more difficult. We believe that  movement is a human right. Instead of developing highways for the rich  at the expense of the poor, we need to increase the budget for bus  routes and develop innovative solutions for our rail system. Florida is  falling behind in terms of transportation infrastructure, but it is not  too late. We can reduce traffic on our highways, clean up the air  pollution, and increase bus and rail transportation. If people move,  people can get jobs. This means more money in our economy. Improving  transportation is a win-win for everyone and an investment for our  future. 

Criminal Justice Reform

We  want to end the profit industry behind prisons. Our goal is to reduce  the prison populations, reduce recidivism rates, and stop the War on  Drugs against Americans. A healthy community means that the physical,  emotional, and mental well-being of our citizens is preserved. We will  remove all private prisons from the state of Florida and return to an  ethical system which treats people with compassion and intelligence. 

Election Reform

I  have not and I will not accept any contributions from any PAC, any  special interest group, and any corporation. I am only taking  contributions from the people. That is how you will know I will  represent your interests. 

Gun Reform

Americans deserve to bear arms. However, we cannot allow a clearly flawed system of gun control continue to go unchecked. If you are a law abiding citizen, you should take no issue with gun control reform. American lives depend on this. Together, we can prevent gun violence, save lives, and protect children in every neighborhood across Florida. 

We need a state permit-to-purchase policy that has background checks to screen violent criminals and mentally ill. This has proven to decrease homicide/suicide rates in Connecticut since 1995.

We need to limit magazines capacity. Mass shooters prefer high capacity magazines, because they can shoot lots of people without having to reload.